We have to take care of ourselves in all ages of life

From the moment we are born until we reach the age of 8, the visual system matures. If, at this stage there are refractive defects or alterations of the transparency of the ocular media, there is a great risk of amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye”, significantly reducing the future vision. It is therefore essential to recognize and deal with any problem that prevents the correct development of vision.

After 8 years of age it is practically impossible to reverse the defect, so if we have not acted before, it may be too late.

Avoid school failure: correct vision is very important to help fight school failure in our children.

Recommended reviews

During the first month of life (Paediatrician): to rule out serious eye diseases and malformations (glaucoma or congenital cataract)

At 7 months (Paediatrician): diagnosis of strabismus

At 19 months (Ophthalmologist): diagnosis of retinoblastoma (most frequent malignant intraocular tumour in childhood) and early diagnosis of amblyopia (lazy eye)

At 4 years old (Ophthalmologist): visual acuity and refractive errors.

Every 2 years until the age of 14 (Ophthalmologist).