Say Goodbye to eyestrain
What is presbyopia?
Presbyopia or eyestrain is the loss of the eye’s ability to focus at short distances. It starts from the age of 40-45 and cannot be prevented, as it is an age-related defect.
  • Difficulty focusing up close.
  • Need for better lighting.
  • Headache when reading.
  • Blurred vision and eyestrain.
Causes of presbyopia

Over the years, the eye’s natural lens becomes more rigid. This lack of flexibility prevents close objects from coming into focus correctly.

Consequences of presbyopia
Around the age of 50, the lens loses its flexibility completely. Glasses are needed for near vision and the ability to see at a distance may worsen.
Presbyopia operation: what does it involve?

Presbyopia or eyestrain surgery consists of replacing the crystalline lens with an intraocular lens with a multifocal design. This lens imitates the natural movements of the crystalline lens, allowing you to focus both near and far.

How is it done?

This 10-minute outpatient procedure is performed under mild sedation and topical anaesthesia (with drops). Visual recovery is quick and painless, and the benefits are definite.

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