Plasma laser

Strictly speaking, plasma is not really a laser. In physics, the fourth state of aggregation of matter is called plasma, a fluid state similar to the gaseous state but in which a certain proportion of its particles are electrically charged (ionized).

The plasma device works thanks to an electron arc (an electric arc) that is formed at its tip that allows obtaining, when it contacts the skin, small controlled punctiform burns that do not transfer heat to the surrounding areas.

With these controlled “micro-shots” we can obtain direct contractile effects on the skin, which allows us to treat facial wrinkles (periocular, perioral …) and thanks to this contractile effect, perform blepharoplasties (removal of excessive skin from the upper and lower eyelids) without the need of surgery (blepharoplasty without surgery). We also use it to finish improving the appearance of the skin of the lower eyelid after a surgical lower blepharoplasty.

Plasma is currently positioned as one of the best non-surgical treatments for eye rejuvenation.

The number of sessions will depend on the degree of aging of the skin but the results are permanent (only altered by the aging process that is progressive over time)

Plasma is also effective for the removal of benign skin lesions (milium, moles, xanthelasmas, ruby spots, angiomas…).

The device has several heads that allow us to also perform anti-aging treatments on the skin. The controlled heat that is produced in the skin (without burning) allows a collagen induction effect and an activation of the fibroblasts of the skin, therefore improving the quality of the skin.