What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia begins to manifest itself in people around the ages of 40-45. We realize that we need better lighting to see close objects clearly or to read and need to move objects or texts farther away in order to see them. These symptoms are indications that the eye lens is beginning to lose flexibility.

At around 50 years of age, the loss of flexibility is already total, and this translates into dependence on glasses to see up close, and in many cases, a worsening in long distance vision as well.

What is the presbyopia surgery?

Presbyopia surgical correction consists in replacing the lens with an artificial intraocular lens with a multifocal design, making a reproduction of the adaptation work done by the lens in a natural way, allowing to focus between far and near.

The intervention is ambulatory and is usually done with a mild sedation to help the patient’s relaxation and topical anaesthesia (drops). It lasts approximately 10 minutes. Without pain and with a rapid recovery, the benefits of this surgery are definitive.