At PRESBIT we have IPL (Themaeye Plus) technology for the treatment of dry eye.

ThermaEye Plus is based on High Intensity Pulsed Light, a technology from the dermatology and tissue regeneration sector. ThermaEye Plus is the first machine in the world to have an ophthalmological certificate, professional recognition that postulates it as the best and most appropriate of dry eye treatments.

With ThermaEye Plus, the treatment can be carried out directly on any type of skin (from phototype 1 to 6), without having to use filters or other additional cooling systems, necessary in most laser and IPL platforms, to avoid burns or changes in skin pigmentation.

In addition, thanks to the L.I.U.R technology, the treatment can be applied directly to the lower and upper eyelids as well as the free edge of the eyelashes, something that was impossible before for safety reasons, and which greatly reduced the effectiveness of the treatments. Now we can achieve a full beneficial effect with maximum safety.

On multiple occasions the cause of dry eye is due to the poor function of some glands that are located near the eyelashes (Meibomian glands). These glands are responsible for producing the “fatty” component of the tear, that avoids tear evaporation. 

Treatment consists of applying several constant series of short-intensity micro-pulses to the eyelids to correct the problem. With this treatment it is possible to reduce inflammation and stimulate circulation in the area and, most importantly, reactivate the nerve endings of the glands so that they can re-secrete the fats necessary to protect the surface of the eye.

In fact, its revolutionary technology allows treating other eye diseases such as blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), styes (hordeolum), conjunctivitis, Demodex infection (mite that can colonize the glands of the eyelids).

Thanks to its multiple filters, the device also allows the treatment of rosacea (couperosis), pigmentary lesions and skin blemishes, telangectasias (spider veins) and skin wrinkles thanks to a skin tightening effect and collagen synthesis.